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The campaign to place a copy of L. Neil Smith's Lever Action in libraries in every state is nearly half way to completion, with 24 states thus far served:

Your donations make it possible to continue to place this book in the hands of future libertarians. If you'd like to help us get L. Neil Smith's ideas in front of a wider audience, please donate today -- or order the book yourself and have it sent to a library in your area (and let us know). Don't forget to get a copy for yourself; you'll not find another 460 pages as full of dynamic libertarian thought as Lever Action.

We've mobilized more than 100 activists to carry the Libertarian Party's 2004 presidential nomination for the libertarian movement's most prolific and effective author.

We've run eight advertisements in LP News, the Libertarian Party's member publication.

We've distributed more than 1,000 fliers touting the effort to delegates and visitors to the Libertarian Party's national convention.

This month, we're sending Neil to Bubonicon -- Albuquerque, New Mexico's science fiction convention -- to talk with non-libertarians about liberty.

Care to join us?

  • Sign the online petition asking Neil to run.
  • Join the Smith2004-announce (low volume) and Smith2004-discuss (high volume) mailing lists.
  • Help us keep ahead with your monthly vote in the only straw poll we know of -- Neil has consistently placed first among likely candidates and third overall (behind New Mexico governor Gary Johnson and Republican Congressman Ron Paul, both of whom have explicitly declined to run).
  • Put a banner on your site.
  • Follow this web page for new developments.